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Passport: Hoyas of the World, Vol 1~9

Hoyas Of The World

Species Files
First Edition September, 2001
Updated August 2007

Volume I ~ Volume IX

As usual this work was not completed without the help and cooperation of a large number of friends. The most important contribution has been from those who over the years have sent me flowers for microscopic study. This has been a continuous flow of material. Among those who have filled the gaps in my collections are Ted Green and Edward Gilding of Hawaii. Ann Wayman of Oregon, Jerry Williams, Harriette Schapiro of California. Eva-Karin Wiberg and Torill Nyhuus of Sweden and David Kleijn of The Netherlands. I have also received flowers from Chanin Thorut, Thailand and many others. Another contribution has been Photos of foliage and of flower clusters, mainly supplied by Ann Wayman, Central Point, Oregon.

Over the years the personnel at the herbarium UC Berkeley, University of California have assisted me with access to herbarium sheets and literature. I must also add thanks to Dr. Domingo Madulid and the late Professor Juan Pancho of the Philippines for their help and guidance, as well as access to the respective herbaria. The list of assistance over the past 22 years is too long to enumerate here. Help has been supplied from many quarters and it has been accepted with much appreciation.
All those acknowledged in my work on “Hoya Pollinaria a Photographic Study” and in the book “The World of Hoyas a Pictorial Guide” are hereby thanked again as all this work is intertwined and overlapping.

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