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Genus Eriostemma 2014

Genus Eriostemma (Schlechter) Kloppenburg & Gilding

 We for a long time now have been aware that the species in this section have very little in common with the Genus Hoya and so have made the decision to place it into the Genus status. In addition to the differences noted by Dr. Schlechter, the characters of the Genus Eriostemma (Schlechter) Kloppenburg and Gilding are as follows:
  • Part 1, + photos, (1 of 146 pages)  .pdf document
  • Part 2, + photos, (1 of 139 pages)  .pdf document 
  • NOTE:  Appendix 1 through 5 are at the end of Part 2 and are as follows:

Appendix 1:
  - Pollinarium Measurements in order of occurrence in file

  - Pollinarium Measurements in order by pollinium length
  - Pollinarium Measurements in order of Pollinium width
  - Pollinarium Measurements in order of Retinaculum length
  - Pollinarium Measurements in order of retinaculum width
Appendix II Corolla
  - As they occur in file 
  - Sinus – sinus in ascending order
  - Sinus – center in ascending order 
  - Sinus –apex in ascending order 
  - Apex – center in ascending order
Appendix III 
  - Calyx and Column measurements in centimeters 
  - Calyx length in ascending order 
  - Calyx widest in ascending order  
  - Column length in ascending order 
  - Column diameter in ascending order  
  - Column base in ascending order  
Appendix IV
  - Foliage descriptions from literature
  - Measurements in centimeters

Appendix V
  - Place of origin, altitude, peduncle, pedicel 

  - Measurements in centimeters.
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