Saturday, June 14, 2014

Genus Hoya: Anther Wings

Genus Hoya


The anther wings of a hoya are made up the two sides of a channel that extends inward from an area between two adjacent coronal lobes. This channel ends inward just below the stigmatic surface that is situated at the outer corners of the hoya stylar table. It has been assumed this channel is an adaptive structure that aids in the pollination of a hoya flower. The anther wing sides are made of a rigid material, with a rounded edged upper surface, linear in extent, of various thicknesses. Looking at one surface of this structure (by removing an individual coronal lobe and viewing it in side view) it will be observer that the upper edge is thickened (the rounded edge referred to above) and scythe shaped to various degrees, (as in a scythe) the lower portions are thinner, ending below and inwardly as more of a sharp edge. The channel formed by the tow sides form the anther wing, is not always a continuously smooth surface from the outer end inward to its apex, the channel on occasion has a ridge part way up which would hinder the smooth entry of a pollinia if this were an avenue of pollination.

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