Monday, June 23, 2014

Hoya Sections (1)

This study started out at the suggestion of David Liddle of Mareeba, Queensland, Australia. David called and encouraged me to write up the “Section Acanthostemma” since so many of its species were found in the Philippines where I have concentrated my studies. Many species have, over time, been placed in the incorrect section. It has been stated that the sections were useless and that few people understood them. Moreover, they were not being used as study tools in understanding this complex genus. My study of one section soon expanded to the study of all sections and their origin and organization.

It was not long before after much compiling, that I found I was generating as many questions as answers. Some questions I couldn’t answer. I was soon seeking help namely from Professor Benjamin Stone. Dr. Stone is working on the “Philippine Flora Project”, a full time job. In spite of time constraints, Ben took the time to provide me with invaluable assistance. He has been most gracious in giving me advice on organization, translations, form and substance and above all, motivation. I guess I should add education. I have found his “tutoring” process to be immeasurably valuable and worthwhile. I wish here to publicly express my deep gratification and thanks for all his assistance.

It is my wish that others will find herein a useful tool and stepping stone towards a fuller and better understanding of this complex Genus Hoya.

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