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Hoya Literature Compendium (6)

I herein present as much of the hoya literature, pertaining to each individual species, as I had available to me. The volume's as originally constituted in hard copy consist of five Sections in Volume I, see the contents page, following for details.

Volumes II through VI followed. Here the species were listed in alphabetic order, followed by the volume (where applicable), the date in brackets; page number when available to me. The author’s name follows this; the species is presented in bold type. All other binomials within a given text are italicized. If the literature is in a language other than English I have translated it (with the exception of Chinese and Japanese Script and the Vietnamese publications in most cases). The word Translation has been underlined for easy reference. Comments and Notes are also underlined.

Literature here presented on disks in Word For Windows 95 format. By the use of "FIND" and "GO TO" all words are easily accessed. This is available under the Edit function.

The vast majority of pertinent Hoya literature is presented, however they’re some I do not have available. I would appreciate your sending me any corrections in the text or in the translations. I would also appreciate copies of any new Hoya literature (not popular presentations) or any older works that I have missed. They will be added to upgraded editions of this publication.

My work on this compendium will have been worthwhile and I will be pleased if this material helps those interested in the Genus Hoya; especially if students are able to further their studies by having in one place the major portion of pertinent Hoya literature.

I owe a lot to many people who have unselfishly helped me in compiling and translating. They are too numerous to mention here. I appreciate all their efforts and help in this regard.
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Content of Volume I .pdf document
Section I: Hoya publications arranged in alphabetical order. Listing publication date, Author and applicable page numbers. Pages 1-23.
Section II: Publications relating to Hoya Species. Species binomials arranged alphabetical with author followed by the publications listed by date. Pages 1-58.
Section III: The Genus Hoya R. Brown. Pages 1-10
(a) List of Synonyms of Hoya.
(b) Type descriptions of synonyms.
Section IV: Chronological listing of descriptions of Genus Hoya R. Brown. Pages 1-15.
Section V: Alphabetical list of Hoya species with date of publication followed by publication, volume, page; author. Pages 1-14.
Volume II  .pdf document
Species, pg 1~200,  Hoya Acuminata↔Hory Coriacea
Volume III  .pdf document 
Species, pg 1~191, Hoya Coronaria↔Hoya Imperialis
Volume IV  .pdf document 
Species, pg 1~184, Hoya Inconspicua↔Hoya Multiflora
Volume V  .pdf document 
Species, pg 1~188, Hoya Myanmarica↔Hoya Rumphii 
Volume VI  .pdf document 
Species, pg 1~110, Hoya Rupicola↔Hoya Zollingeriana


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