Monday, June 23, 2014

Hoya Leaves (4)

Hoya Leaves

The following mostly consist of leaves I have pressed and dried from plants of my collection. Grown from collected hoya material grown in Fresno, California. In the dried state the nerves are usually more visible. I scanned the leaves top and bottom along with a inch and millimeter scale for comparison.  I have measured the length and widest portion of the leaves, the length and diameter of the petiole and the angle the leaf nerve makes with the midrib.

❦  pg. 1~71, Leaves Top and Bottom  .pdf document 

❦  pg. 1~52, Leaf Data From Hoya Type Descriptions .pdf document 

❦  pg. 1~39, Hoya Leaves from Holotype Sheets: A~M .pdf document 

pg. 40~66, Hoya Leaves from Holotype Sheets: N~W .pdf document 

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