Sunday, June 15, 2014

Hoya Herbarium Sheets

Herbarium sheets are made up of preserved (pressed and dried) plant specimens, normally a single plant per sheet. The herbarium sheets are 11 x 17 inches. In the past plant material was field collected, placed in plant presses between absorbent materials (blotters, newsprint, etc.) and left there until thoroughly dried. This dried material is then arranged on the sheet and glued in place. Collecting data is often presented in the upper left corner of the sheets, it may contain a lot or little information or even be absent. If present there is usually a field number, the collectors name, the date collected, the location, sometimes the altitude. The plants habitat, and habit (height, diameter and other pertinent data). The characters of the leaf, flower, fruit and other data may be found there. Special notations are occasionally included.

 First (1) are type sheets arranged in alphabetical order. Next (2) sheets with names, they may or may not be correctly identified. (3) all other sheets, available to me and sheets not identified follow. I have tried to limit each file to 20 sheets so as to not make them too large for current computers to handle.

It should be noted that this is a work in progress, and it is my hope that others will help to contribute information on this topic. Together, we help others in their quest of discovering more about the Hoya Species.

There are 29 files -- more will be updated as information becomes available:
AH-0: Index, pg 1~26  .pdf document 
AH-1: pg 1~20, Hoya Acuta Haworth↔Hoya Australius  .pdf document  
AH-2: pg 1~19, Hoya Australius↔Hoya Bilobata  .pdf document  
AH-3: pg 21~40, Hoya Bilobata↔Hoya Campanulata  .pdf document  
AH-4: pg 41~60, Hoya Camphorifolia↔Hoya Carnosa  .pdf document 
AH-5: pg 61~80, Hoya Caudata↔Hoya Chlorantha var. Tutilensis  .pdf document
AH-6: pg 81~100, Hoya Citrina↔Hoya Crassipes  .pdf document
AH-6.2: pg 101~120, Hoya Crassipes↔Hoya Diptera .pdf document
AH-6.3: pg 121~140, Hoya Diptera↔Hoya Diversifolia  .pdf document
AH-7.1: pg 141~160, Hoya Fischeriana↔Hoya Fusca  .pdf document
AH-8: pg 161~180, Hoya Fusca↔Hoya Imbricata  .pdf document
AH-8.2: pg 181~200, Hoya Imbricata↔Hoya Incrassata .pdf document
AH-9: pg 201~220, Hoya Incrassata↔Hoya Kuhlii  .pdf document
AH-10: pg 221~240, Hoya Kuhlii↔Hoya Lancilimba .pdf document
AH-11: pg 241~260, Hoya Lancilimba↔Hoya Latifolia .pdf document
AH-12: pg 261~280, Hoya Latifolia↔Hoya Lyi  .pdf document
AH-13: pg 281~300, Hoya Macgillivrayi↔Hoya Maingayi .pdf document
AH-14: pg 301~320, Hoya Maingayi↔Hoya Meliflua .pdf document
AH-15: pg 321~340, Hoya Meliflua Hoya Multiflora .pdf document
AH-16: pg 341~360, (all) Hoya Multiflora  .pdf document
AH-16.1: pg 361~379, Hoya Multiflora↔Hoya Obtusifolia .pdf document
AH-17: pg 381~400, Hoya Obtusifolia↔Hoya Odorata .pdf document
AH-18: pg 401~420, Hoya Odorata Hoya↔Parasitica .pdf document
AH-19: pg 421~440, Hoya Parasitica Hoya↔Polystachya .pdf document
AH-20: pg 461~480, Hoya Retusa Hoya↔Rufolanata .pdf document 
AH-21: pg 481~500, Hoya Rumphii↔Hoya Subglabra .pdf document
AH-22: pg 501~520, Hoya Trukensis↔Hoya Vitiensis .pdf document
AH-23: pg 521~536, Hoya Vitiensis↔Hoya Wightii .pdf document
AH-26: pg 537~556, Incorrect Identifications  .pdf document

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