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Malaysian Hoya (6)

 Malaysian Hoya

A Monograph 2004
6 files / Species

In this works I am including known species of the Genus Hoya R. Brown in the Peninsular Malayan area and the Malaysia Borneo areas of Sabah and Sarawak. The mainland peninsular area has been botanized for years but it is only recently that much attention has been given to the Borneo areas. Our knowledge of the genus has continued to expand in recent years but I feel for the most part we have only scratched the surface. We are learning more about speciation and the variations therein. Isolation limits gene flow and this eventually leads to speciation. Our collecting and botanizing efforts cover a long time span but there are many areas yet untouched by these efforts. In general there are vast areas yet to be entered. It is my observation that most of this effort has been confined to road, trail access; along shorelines, streams and mountain ridges. These are places of more easy access but between these areas there are vast expanses of untouched territory yet to feel the feet of botanists. As any collector can tell you the back side of a tree, passed by, may have held a new species easily overlooked.

Many of these Malaysian hoya species can be identified in other countries. Many others are endemic to this area but with further research and collecting may be found to also be non-endemic as well. The most widespread species were the first to be discovered and described. Hoya multiflora Blume as a presently recognized single species may in fact represent 3 or more distinct species. It was first described by C. L. Blume in 1823 "Catalogue Gew. Buitenzorg 49". Hoya campanulata, diversifolia & lacunosa were all described by Blume in 1826. In his work "Bijdagen tot de Flora von Nederalndsche Indie". In subsequent sections I have listed all the species and also the literature
3 pertaining to each. See below "A list of Species & Their Literature References" Here I have listed 50 names (some are synonymous).

1) pg 1~29, A Monograph  .pdf document
2) pg 31~26, Hoya Acicularis↔Hoya Erythrostemma .pdf document
     + Fraterna Vol 13 #4, Oct-Dec 2000, pg 41
3) pg 207~451, Hoya Excavata↔Hoya Micrantha .pdf document
4) pg 452~544, Hoya Mitrata↔Hoya Occlusa  .pdf document
5) pg 545~796, Hoya Parviflora↔Appendix I .pdf document
6) pg 1~14, Species List  .pdf document  

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