Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hoya New! Vol 2, #2 April 2014

Hoya New

Volume 2, Issue 2
April 2014
 When a species is collected from the wild, I feel it is wise to identify it, propagate it and name it. In this way it will eventually get it into commercial channels, be distributed to all those interested in this genus and thus be preserved. If in the future the species is lost through natural causes or forest destruction it will still be here on earth in your collection.

The following new species are presented in PDF format with ISSN number.
1. Hoya irisae Ferreras, Kloppenburg & Tandang
2. New combination: Hoya blashernaezii Kloppenburg subsp. valmayoriana Kloppenburg, Guevarra & Carandang 2013, coma. nov.
3. New combination: Hoya mindorensis Schlechter 1906 subsp. erythrostemma Kerr 1939
4. Hoya blashernaezii subsp. siariae Kloppenburg
5. Hoya tangerina Kloppenburg, Mendoza& Ferreras
6. Hoya rima Kloppenburg, Mendoza & Ferreras
7. Hoya ralphdavisiana Kloppenburg, Mendoza & Ferreras

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