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Hoya CALYX 1 thru 3

Hoya Calyx

A Photographic Study

revised and updated February 2014

The first "whorl" of the flower structure in made up of 5 sepals at the end of the pedicel and just outside of the corolla. In the flowers development the calyx at first covers the whole flower bud. As the inner parts maturate, they expands and the corolla pushes ever larger, eventually for the most part hiding the small calyx. Most taxonomists consider this structure so minor that some do not even include it in a hoya description. It is, however unique in some species and has structural characteristics that should be observed and noted. It can vary in length, width, amount of overlap at the base of the sepals, its central thickening, the amount and placement of indumentum (hairs) on its outer surface, in edge ciliation. Occasionally with hair cells inside and in the presence or absence, and number length etc. of a tongue like structure at the sepal sinus area the "ligule"
In Latin this is a Third declension noun and its stem is "calyc-". we usually see it as "calyx" or the genitive form "calycis".

Use corresponding document page numbers to find features listed in Table of Contents:
  • Part 1 (pg 1~142)  Amrita ~ Acuta   .pdf document  
  • Part 2 (pg 143~358)  Acanthominima ~ Camphorifolia similis  .pdf document 
  • Part 3 (pg 359~386)    Appendix Species w/measurements + data  .pdf document 
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