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Passport: Genus Eriostemma

Genus Eriostemma

 Translated from 135:
Section VII. Eriostemma Schlechter. I thought it best to present here this distinctive
section Eriostemma. This section is so well and sharply different, that one could consider
whether or not to regard it as a separate sub-genus. I have so far presented above briefly
the main points, but now I wish to present them once again in more detail. In habit there
is a strong similarity that can be found with EU-Hoya, but the branches are softer and
more fleshy and consistently with more or less soft hairs. The peduncles are
extraordinarily thick and soft textured, the calyx as with Pterostemma more strongly
structured, and the large hairy blooms are likewise fleshy. The gynostegium with the
corona scales stand upon a woolly matted column that is the outgrowth formed of the
filaments, which are united with the corona tube. The pollinia are distinguished (marked)
as opposed to the other Hoya species by means of the fact that the translators have
undergone a strong development and exhibit a twist; also the retinaculum is rather large.
The pollinia are more club shaped and moreover do not have the keel on the outer edge,
characteristic of other Hoya sections.

We for a long time now have been aware that the species in this section have very
little in common with the Genus Hoya and so have made the decision to place it into the
2 Genus status. In addition to the differences noted by Dr. Schlechter above, the characters of the Genus Eriostemma (Schlechter) Kloppenburg and Gilding are as follows:

Part One:  pg 1 ~ 142  .pdf document
Part Two:  pg 148 ~ 250  .pdf document 

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